Wednesday, August 19, 2009


In every man's heart thereis a secret nerve that answersto the vibrations of beauty. -Christopher Morley

PIM: Hi Kerry. Thank you for gracing PIM.........all the way from Johannesburg. Tell us more about yourself?Are you a girl next door TYPE or Adrennaline junky?
kerry: Hehe I would definitely have to say im a bit of both, craze and outgoing, but shy sometimes too!!!

PIM: Tell us more about your modelling. How did it start?
kerry:It has only been happening for maybe two years and its still quiet, but not a problem because all things take a lil determination and time.
PIM: Weve seen you last year in FHM MODELS TOP 100.How was the experience.Have you entered this year.?
kerry: Not entered this year!!! But the experience was cool, I got a lot of exposure and got to meet some new people which is what I always love so yea…..

PIM:We honored to have you! Your ambitions and goals as a model? Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
kerry: Cover girl of “Sports Illistrated”

PIM: What do you like most about modelling? What do you like least?
kerry: Wow, what I like most um, well I get to show myself in a different light, experience new things all the time and give myself challenges,
Least would definitely be the bitchy girls, wow!!! I mean we all got something that’s why we there, why be a bitch just to prove a point that you think u the shit!!!!

We all the shit somewhere, get over it!!!!!

PIM: How do you stay in such great shape. Care to share some of your dietry and training secrets?
kerry: Well im very active doing anything and everything just to keep me busy, but I think what has really done it for me is being a professional dancer, it really works u and keeps u in unbelievable shape!!!!!
As far as diet goes, I cheat a lot!!!!!!! But mostly I just eat very healthy, im one of few that loves veggies salads etc o and chocolate!!!hehe

PIM: Lol I like that :) Is there any one you would like to meet right now? And If you were invisible for a day? Where would you wanna be?
kerry:Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm invisable for a day what would I do??????????????

PIM: Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme ?
kerry: Deffinately one of the islands,, hell all the tropical islands, I think there is nothing sexier!!!!!! Theme, il take anything..

PIM: Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and then a guys?
kerry: Well probably my ass and legs……….. I get compliments about those!!! On a guy, mmmmmmmmmm on an appearance side of things, good arms nice hands and wow I love it when a guys veins stick out on his hands and arms mmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn I know it sounds weird, but just go with it.

PIM: What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on You?.
kerry: “you must be tired coz u been running thru my mind all day”

PIM: If you were a tour operator and had to entice people from around the World to visit South Africa .How would you promote it?
kerry: That’s difficult coz different people like different things, id talk about the nite life coz we deffinately hav a HOT prty vibe, wildlife is probably the biggest attraction tho!!!! But I dunno would hav to c who I was promotin to and go from there!!!!

PIM: Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
kerry: Hehe I play soccer, indoor and outdoor!!!!!
Ronaldo, be carefull!!!! Hehe

Whats ur favourite fashion brand – don’t really hav, my styles are all over the place
Your favourite Car: merc, slk 200, 55 which ever is on the cards!!! hehe
Fav Food:any
Fav Drink: any alcohol tho, malibu and appletizer, and aftershock!!!!!!!!!!
Fav purfume on guy:bvlgari, aqua o wow and many more I hav a thing about fragrances!!!
Purfume on me:mmmmmmmmmm to many to mension, poison, dior addict, hugo boss, euphoria, kenzo and the list goes on!!!!
Fav club: any where I can get my dance and sexy on!!!!!
Fav restuarant: too many, I love food
A quote that you always live by: experience everything, regret nothing, go craze and live it up!!!!!!!!!!!
If we snuck into your bedroom, what could we find you sleeping in? hehe nice try, il leave u to think on that!!!
What type of music youve been listening too lately- everything, but I definitely love the commercial stuff
Last movie you watched? Harry Potter, hehe im like a lil kid but I love it!!!!

PIM: If you could be anyone famous in the World today, Who would you want to be and Why?
kerry: Il get there one day, so no one but I do look up to a lot of people!!!!!

PIM:What do you do to feel sexy?
kerry: Hehe Dance and be myself, think its my best attribute

PIM: Are you single? IF PIM had the power to create the perfect man. What type of features do you suggest we add :)?
kerry: I am single yes, and i already met him!!!!!!! RIP

PIM: If you had to kidnap any sportsman/celeb and take them to a remote island ,who will it be?
kerry: HEHE question is who is up for the challenge!!!!!

PIM:If PIM had to take u on a date .What do we have to do to blow your socks off and make you say Wow?
kerry: Surprise me, its no fun saying what I would like but something craze somin fun!!!!!!!!! Use ur imagination!!!

PIM: Kerry.A pleasure to have you on PIM. Best of luck with the Modeling career......Where will we see you next. Whats the next big modelling gig you have lined up?
kerry: Waitin to hear!!!!!!

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