Sunday, July 29, 2007


FULL NAME:Mandie Wagner
FROM:Kempton Park JHB
FAVOURITE TEAM:The bokke of course...but when its local competition, the Sharks
FAVOURITE HANGOUT:Anywhere as long as your friends/family are around

P.I.M'S One on One with the Gorgeous Mandie

P.I.M: Mandie.It is indeed Sublime to have you grace POETRY IN MOTION, And a warm Thanks. How did you get into modelling Mandie?When did it all begin for you?
mandie: I actually entered the world of modelling through Carmen Pretorius. I met her at a braai through a very dear mutual friend and I’ve never looked back since. I love the art of photography and believe that there is beauty in everyone. It helped boost my self confidence through an unhappy marriage and then the divorce. I also learned that I an a unique beauty with a lot of good factors and hopefully someday I will be “discovered”. Fame and fortune is not my virtue, but to be noticed is

P.I.M: Mandie, care to give us an insight or some background?
mandie: I’m a normal “boere meisie” who loves to cook and stick to my religious views and morals. I’m also a shy and introverted individual who tends to be very mysterious, but be careful when the fiery redhead wakes up! I believe laughter is the best medicine and I love to laugh. I’m always positive and smiling no matter how much life/circumstances get me down. I’m fun to be around and love to help people more disadvantaged than myself.

swoosh:I love the pics. P.I.M has had raving reviews.And its an honour to have you as our Babe Of the Week. Is there a great deal of preparation that is needed both physically and mentally. Im sure there is?. How do you prepare for a shoot?Do you get nervous?
mandie: It is an honour to be featured as babe of the week, thank you. The evening before the shoot I make sure I have everything packed and ready. I have a relaxing bath and go through all the everyday beauty treatments so that I don’t rush the day of the shoot and I ensure that I get a good nights’ rest.
When I have a shoot with a photographer I know, nervousness is not a problem for me, because I know how he/she operates and know what to expect. I do get nervous at times, but after the first few shots are taken, I’m relaxed and ready to rock! When I’m in front of the camera I am in another universe – blocking out all the thoughts of everything that going on in my life

P.I.M: Mandie.I love those pics. Especially the Arabian one..How do you stay in shape,I know Im strugling Lol?
mandie: That one is my favourite one too. It attracts some mystery and the photo is called “windows to the soul” I believe my eyes and my hair are two of my strongest features.I ensure that I eat breakfast within the first two hours of waking up. Breakfast includes high fibres and fruit with black herbal tea. I try and keep away from anything starchy after 19:00 pm and limit the intakes of caffiene. I also jump rope and play action netball to keep me in shape, and I must be honest, the gym have not seen me in a while, but I manage to keep my health and fitness in tact.

P.I.M: Do you think the Boks will pull it off at the World Cup?What do you think of the squad that is chosen?
mandie: I have absolute confidence in the Boks. The boys have the will power, attitude and tactics to pull it off. There are no surprises in the selection of the squad according to me

P.I.M: if you had to take any Male Sportsman for a weekend away to a private destination.Who will it be and Why?
mandie: Well, there are so many to choose from...why do you have to put me in such a predicament? Lol A monkey puzzle would make it a bit easier...As long as the person does not have a too high self love and can get along with a girl like me....oh and not shy to show me a good time

P.I.M: Mandie, Are you into Fast Cars,Superbikes or just a regular girl?
mandie: I love the sound and shapes of fast cars and bikes, but ever since I lost two dear friends in accidents, I’ve feared to tread on that path

P.I.M: Your dream car and Bike?
mandie: You will probably laugh at my answers, but everyone is different and I would not mind owning a pink Corvette convertable and a Ducati

P.I.M:I know models love Shopping and trendy Hangouts. Are you any different. Where do you love to:
a) Shop?I am surely much different from other girls, because I only shop when I really have to
b)favourite resturant?
Mmm – nothing is better than a home cooked meal for me, unless a guy decides to cook for me and set up a romantic table on the beach on a windless hot summers’ eve
Have you ever eaten Indian Food?If so Where and how was it?
Have you ever heard of the Indian fast food Ackhalwaya's.It is said that one bite and you hooked)I heard of Ackhalwaya’s – you told me about that the other night! Yes I have eaten Indian food and I absolutely loved it as I like hot and spicey food, but let’s face it, it is an art to cook
c)place/hangout spot where you spend most of your time?I spend most of my time at work, in my car and at home
e)Place you love to party at? I am comfortable anywhere, as long as your friends/family are there and as long as it is fun!
P.I.M: What do you feel the most comfortable in when you having a great time,I mean socially of course?Ok en err ........non socially.Favourite color and brand of Lingerie?
mandie: LOL I think every girl loves lingerie! I’m not a label girl and don’t judge people on the labels they wear and expect that people won’t judge me on that as well. I normally wear what I’m confortable in and not to impress anyone

P.I.M:Mandie,You have met with P.I.M.Anything for our readers.Come on, Boost our ego?
mandie: LOL yeah the famous ego!!! Surely a great bunch of guys who you can have a meaningful conversation with, laugh with and feel comfortable with. Is that ego pampered yet???

P.I.M: Thanks Mandie for a lovely INTERVIEW. P.I.M: wishes you all the best of luck and success. And once again WOW ,Once again P.I.M is proud to having you grace the blog...Before we leave,Just for our readers.Are you Single Lol?You dont have to answer Lol.
mandie: It should not be a complicated question to should be a yes or a no, but I’m gonna make it a complicated one now. So I prefer not to answer ;-P

P.I.M: Ok Mandie.Wow we will get more of you on POETRY IN MOTION.And Good Luck with the future shoots