Monday, March 23, 2009


"The love of beauty in its multiple forms is the noblest gift of the human cerebrum." ~Alexis Carrel ~

PIM: Hi Felicity. Thank you for gracing PIM. So you from JHB. Tell us more about you and your modelling journey thus far?
felicity: I am not a typical model type, I am a total tom-boy, and can be seen jumping off buildings and out of planes rather than doing my nails LOL The road I have travelled has been amazing thus far, filled with great experiences, and I hope for many more.
PIM: What’s a day in the life Of Felicity Moody . How do you pay the Bills?
felicity: I am a specialized services risk and internal audit software consultant, Basically I go in, assess a clients needs, and develop an internal audit and risk software solution for them.
PIM: Wow. PIM is honored to have you! Your ambitions and goals as a model? Where do you see yourself in ten years time? Did you ever think you'd be doing this(modeling)?
felicity: I just want to be the best I can be while I am still able to. I don’t do this for fame or fortune, don’t get me wrong that would be nice LOL, but I do this so that when I am 50 and old and decrepit I can look back and see what I used to look like J I never saw myself as the modelling type, still don’t really... I am way to boyish LOL Normally I can be found getting down and dirty and doing something to get my adrenaline going.
PIM: What do you like most about modeling? What do you like least?
felicity: Hmm Most? I love being able to feel beautiful, to be able to do something that so many girls don’t have the confidence to do. Least? The early morning starts :P
PIM: What are your Health and beauty secrets Felicity? Any tips for our readers? How do you stay in Shape? If you had to make any food or desert or junk food the caloric value of lettuce. Which would it be?
felicity: Haha LOL Have fun, whatever you do have fun, this makes you beautiful and radiant J Umm I don’t really LOL I am always running around doing things I think this is my only form of exercise LOLHmmm anything chocolate – I am a TOTAL chocoholic LOL
PIM: Is there any one you would like to meet right now? And If you were a fly on the wall where would you wanna be ?
felicity: John Lennon would’ve made an interesting chat I think, fly on the wall? I don’t think I could ever be a fly on the wall – I am WAAAY too outspoken
PIM: Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme ?
felicity: An eastern block country in winter with snow and babes in bikinis and fur coats :)
PIM: Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
felicity: Umm that part just below the hip bones, where it makes a hollow, and on a guys? Umm his arms...
PIM: What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on You?.
felicity: Ummm Nice shoes wannna... LOL
PIM: If you were a tour operator and had to entice people from around the World to visit South Africa .How would you promote it?
felicity:The amount of extreme sports and activities we have access to is phenomenal, and we take it for granted, but the overseas market loves it!!
PIM: Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
felicity: Hmm LOL I used to compete in international Showjumping (horses) events? LOL Oh and all my ligaments in my body are too long... so makes me VERY flexible LOL
Whats ur favourite fashion brand: Soviet
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase: Luis Vutton
Favourite food: ItalianFavorite perfume on a guy: HugoFavourite Perfume on you: Chanel No 5
Favorite clubbing and Hangout? Varies
Favourite restaurant and coffee shop....? Ritrovos
One wish you would like to come through.? To win that million bucks?? LOL
A quote that you always live by: Strength, Love and Honour
Favourite brand and colour of Lingerie? Anything French and in black
PIM: If you could be anyone famous in the World today, Who would you want to be and Why?
felicity: Me, cos I rock LOL
PIM: Are you single? What’s your ideal man?
felicity: Definitely not single, and I already my ideal man ;) PIM: If PIM had to take Felicity on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol? Somewhere intimate and quite, with attention to details. Small things are what makes it.
PIM: Felicity A pleasure to have you on PIM. Best of luck with the Modeling career......

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