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PIM caught up with Model and Owner of Candikats Promotions Katya Pappalardo and found out whats been going on in the world of promotions

Hi Katya.Welcome..You are a leading model and energetic career women with your promotional company Candikats..Tell us more about Candikats and what you offer?
katya: Candikats Promotions is a niche promotional modeling agency which specialises in VIP hosts and hostesses for corporate events, launches, awards evenings, golf days and expos. Casting agencies also send us briefs, so we get modeling jobs too! And Candikats launched the Candicaddies (specialised golf day course hostesses) in 2009...

Can you mention some of the leading clients that Candikats has taken care of, over the years?
Gosh, we've had hundred of clients over the years, but some of the better known ones are Richemont International (Mont Blanc, Cartier, Panerai etc), the ICC, PSL, Cricket SA, Vodacom, Namibian Breweries, Luxottica Eyewear (Ray Ban, Arnette etc.) to name a few..

What are some of the most memmorable experiences you have encountered as owner of Candikats
Memorable experiences...ha ha...washing car windows in our bras for National Cleavage Day at Grayston/Rivonia intersection years ago..we made the front page of the newspaper :). And singlehandedly organising 60 promoters working simultaneously for the same 5 minutes on two consecutive days over 6 different regions during the Super 12 and Tri Nations Rugby, which spanned over 3 months! It is always lovely to see my ladies on TV during our countless awards ceremonies which we have done over the years.

 And er....... well some of the hair raising moments ?
Well...there is nothing like someone letting you know laaaast minute that she won't be at a promotion...or even worse, not bothering to let you know, or simply forgetting that she was meant to work, and going to Durban for the week instead!! I had to do a promotion myself 2 weeks ago, and I am 36!! Ha ha!! It is quite an adrenalin rush, I must say. But I have been called a miracle worker by past clients, as I tend to work rather well under pressure, and finding replacements last minute is something I have had to do many many MANY times over the years!

 How has this type of business evolved over the years, considering these days we have powerful social networking tools like facebook, and twitter as well as the tremendous opportunities companies are offering these days in terms of Marketing?
I think in order for promotional companies to stay in business, they have to specialise, as there are millions of us around these days. When I started my business, I was literally one of three promotional companies!! In the beginning we did every type of promotion, including intersections and in-stores, but I must be honest, my staff much prefer the more upmarket type of promotion, and frankly, so do I! Social networking can be useful if you are trying to ascertain availability of staff really quickly, as many staff members are surfing the net during lectures ha ha!

What inspired you to follow in  this career path..I know you a model..Youve been FHMS 100 most campaigning this year..Oh whilst we on this readers please vote for KP....

Vote and Type Katya P in the boxes

Also vote for Katya in Also vote for Katya in Sports Illustrated

What inspired you?
Necessity inspired me Naseem. I couldn't get a job after achieving two degrees and a diploma..but modeling opened many doors for me, and it opened the door to promotional work..which literally inspired the beginning of my business. Yes please everyone, vote for me!! I am trying to show South Africa that women improve with age, since I am one of the older contenders. I have been on the 100 Sexiest list for two years running, and I've been nominated as a contender again by my amazing fans, so let's hope I make the cut again. I'm presenting on radio on 93.8fm Radio Midrand at present, and I honestly think that all publicity is good publicity, even the slightly risque variety...there is a time and place, and featuring in 100 Sexiest suits me just fine!! :) and I'm also trying my luck at the Sports Illiustrated New Model Search (I was shortlisted for their 'Beauties of Sport' last year).

Ok so say a reader wants to be part of this awesome promotional agency..What do we do.What are the steps and opportunities that lie in wait?
Aspiring promotional models should email me photos, but in all honesty, the economic climate has caused the industry to quieten down tremendously. Also, Candikats clients expect a particular calibre, and though beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, clients always ask to see photos first, so please make sure the ones you send me are awesome :)
And as for opportunities, well life is what you make it, so keep your eyes and ears open. Of course, most agencies, including my own, frown upon exchanging details with clients, as obviously stealing clients from one's boss is unethical, but you just never know and you could be in the right place at the right time and land up with another Charlize story...

Any future developments on the horizon Kats?
As I mentioned, I am currently presenting on Radio Midrand 93.8fm and I absolutely love it. I hope that since modeling relies on eternal youth (though Photoshop is a blessing ha ha), at least my voice won't age, so there might be a longer lifespan for that angle of my career. I'm not saying I don't want to be on TV, because of course I do. I don't know any model who doesn't!

With your experience that you have built up over the years why would you reccommend Candikats to prospective clients.
Candikats Promotions has stood the test of time. There are many fly-by-nighters, and you won't believe how many of my promoters have gone into competition with me over the years. This business is about patience and logistics. One needs patience in order to deal with flighty students, who would seriously rather go partying than arrive on time for a job the next day. And, logistics is key. One literally needs to be able to juggle people, and jobs, and to make sure that the jobs are filled by the people who best fit the spec. It's not as easy as everyone thinks, but I think, 9 and something years down the line, that Candikats isn't going anywhere!

Thank you Katya.We wish you all the best and loads of success with Candikats Promotions...Oh and good luck with FHM 100 most sexiest.You wanna entice readers to vote for you........
Thanks PIM. FHM mag can be the springboard to any model's career. It's a matter of getting the editor to take one seriously :). Please vote for me on FHM and SI Model Search...I may run a promotional agency, but I love modeling as well!!

Contact Candikats and Katya on
Katya Pappalardo
+ 27 83 431 9188

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