Sunday, August 26, 2007


FULL NAME: Jenny Steyn
FROM: Centurion

P.I.M was fortunate to get an interview from the gorgeous Jenny Steyn.
P.I.M: Thanks Jenny for gracing the blog and Poetry in motion. Its an absolute pleasure having you on the blog. So how did the road begin for you.
jenny: I think it all began when I was born, ever since I could remember I wanted to be a model. At the age of 4 I did my first ramp walk.Ever since then I’ve been hooked.

P.I.M:I love the rest of the pics?How do you keep in shape and maintain such a hot body and awesome figure.Any dietry or exercise advise for our readers?
jenny: I stay away from Junk food, that’s a big no no. I’m not one for exercising but I often walk around the block or go dancing till the sun comes up.My health tip: Drink loads of water!!

P.I.M: I have got to stop drinking Coke,eating Malva ouddings lol. Jenny, im sure you have done shoots at different places. . Let me put it to you this way. If you had to choose any place for a shoot.Where will it be?
jenny: The Disco themed shoot I did at Club Mynt I’ll always remember… all the pics had a nice party feeling to them.But if I can choose any place to shoot it would be in a forest with wild animals.
P.I.M: Wild Animals,You gotta check out last weeks Video Of The Week. Unbelievable. So how did the FHM mobile shoot go. Swoosh0018 & P.I.M punted for you. Hows the feeling appearing in magazines such as Zoo etc. Any High moments you want to mention to our readers since you became a model?
jenny: The 2 Shoots I did For FHM Mobile went great, I absolutely adored it. I feel honored that I was FHM mobile’s babe of the month in August. It was quite a big mile stone in my modeling career. I’ve also been featured in the Zoo magazine numerous times and all that I can say is; I’m honored that I could be featured in such a great magazine. I’m presently in their Zoo cleavage quest, so please guys vote for me!!!

P.I.M:You heard that guys,please vote for Jenny.If you could kidnap any male sportsman for a weekend away. Where would you take him?And Why?
jenny: It has to be David Beckham, I’ll take him with to a photoshoot. Why? So that I can pose with him, and get some great pics with a great sports player like him.

P.I.M:Jenny you look like you love fast bikes?If you are whats ur fav car & bike?
jenny: Fast bikes… my favorite bike will always be a Yamaha R1 but I also love a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

P.I.M: Whats you favourite place to shop and the piece of clothing you never leave home without?I don’t have a favorite place to shop, the same place can get boring after a while.I never leave home without my matching lingerie, hehehehe
b)Favourite resturant ?Have you ever eaten Indian Food?Have you ever heard of the fast foods called Ackalwayas?My fav restaurant is The Godfathers in Centurion, best Stake house ever. I eat Indian food once every 2 weeks or so, I love it my favorite is Murg Makhani.I’ve never heard of Ackalwayas, but they sound interesting anyone have an address for me? *giggles*
c) Favourite brand of Underwear?and color of course?Don’t have a favorite brand if it looks good I’ll take it in black or red.
d) Favourite nite or clubbing spot?Escobar, ESP, Black Orchid, Catwalk.

P.I.M: What would you never leave home without at any given time?
jenny: My sunglasses!!

P.I.M: Do you own a pair of Nikes?I hope you do.My nickname is Swoosh you know!What piece of clothing do you feel most comfortable with?Say if you were on a casual date at the movies.
jenny: I do have my pair of nikes!! My favorite, Jeans and boots they are so comfortable but they still look so stylish.

P.I.M: Whats your favourite Perfume for yourself and On A gUY?
jenny: I always smell like Ghost and for men Hugo boss

P.I.M: Lastly Jenny.Thanks do much for the Interview and gracing the Blog. But for our readers out there. Are you Single Hun? You dont have to answer Lol? I must ask this lol
jenny: Unfortunately I’m not single… sorry guys.

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