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P.I.M went one on one with Sabrina and What a Hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!Come to South Africa Please Sabrina
P.I.M:Thanks Sabrina for gracing the blog and Poetry in motion. Its an absolute pleasure having you on the blog. So when did it all begin for you?How did you get into modelling?
sabrina: I actually was at a club in Toronto and I was asked to be a sunshine girl which is a full page pic in the biggest paper here in toronto which is the Toronto Sun.. and the rest is history! lol

P.I.M: Those pics are stunning?And my favourite is the one in blue bikini on the beach?How do you keep in shape and maintain such a hot body.Any dietry or exercise advise for our readers? sabrina: I definitely work out alot.. and i really watch what i eat but i have such a sweet tooth so i do cheat alot.. i think that if you are active and try to exercise a few times a week you can definitely maintain a good weight.. moderation is the key when it comes to food...

P.I.M: Sabrina, im sure you have done shoots at different places. What place stands out for you the most. Let me put it to you this way. If you had to choose any place for a shoot.Where will it be?
sabrina: if I could pick any place i would definitely pick Hawaii!! I have always wanted to visit there and it would be amazing to shoot on the beaches there!

P.I.M: Can you tell us about some of the highlights in ur modeling career and some of the funny moments. I watch AMERICAS TOP MODEL on the box here and it looks .....?
sabrina: Challenging yes it can be challenging at times... and you definitely cant be shy as i started out that way and quickly found out that there will always be people around watching and i remember shooting for a calendar and it was freezing cold and we had to change outside into different bikinis and let me tell you that was definitely a challenge!! not too mention onlookers trying to get a glance at a naked

P.I.M: Have you ever been to South Africa ? Or heard about it?Please tell our readers?
sabrina: I have never been yet.. i hope to visit there very soon.. people seem to be very friendly and outgoing and i will definitely be looking forward to it!

P.I.M:Sabrina If you dont mind tell our readers more about Canada Hun?Hows the people ,the tourist destinations, The Nite Life etc.?
sabrina: I love Canada!! The people are amazing and there are so many different cultures here in Toronto.. The Night Life is fantastic and there are so many clubs in Toronto and so much to do!!

P.I.M: If you could kidnap any male sportsman for a weekend away. Where would you take him?And Why?
sabrina: Well probably every woman would say this but definitely David Beckham... do you really have to ask why?? lol

P.I.M: Are you a fast Bikes and Fast Cars type of a girl or just a plain Jane?If you are whats ur fav car & bike?
sabrina: I love fast cars ... i love to drive my favorite car by far would be a ferrari!!

P.I.M: Whats you favourite place to shop and the piece of clothing you never leave home without?Im sure Canada is much different to SA when it comes to shopping Lol? My favourite place to shop is the Eaton Centre right in the heart of Toronto.. i would love to see what SA has to offer though ...
b)Favourite resturant ?Have you ever eaten Indian Food? I love Indian food!! mmmmmmmmmmm curry!!!
c) Favourite brand of Underwear?and color of course? prefer no underwear!! he he

P.I.M:. What would you never leave home without at any given time?
sabrina: my cell phone for sure!!

P.I.M: Whats your favourite Perfume for yourself and On A gUY?
sabrina: My favourite perfume is Burberry Brit... on a guy i love Armani!!!

P.I.M: Lastly Sabrina.Thanks do much for the Interview and gracing the Blog. But for our readers out there. Are you Single Hun? You dont have to answer Lol?And iF YOU EVER COME TO SA , And you in Cape Town,I must have a Sundowner with you Lol!
sabrina: i am very single right now.. and you will definitely be the first person i contact when i come down to SA! thank you for the opportunity to chat with you and everyone in SA!! xxxxxoooooo

P.I.M:Thanks Sabrina. The blog definately supports you in future competions and P.I.M wishes you all the best of Luck for the future and we hope to see you in South Africa soon.

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