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Tips for sparkling eye makeup

By: gracechan
To restore luster and intensity look, Opt for a hot makeup sparkling and bright.
The material for a beautiful look, Make sure you: - an eyeshadow comprising at least two shades degraded, one clear and one darker - a black or brown pencil to mark the well-cut eyes - a mascara curling or volumizing to perfect makeup.
Tips for sparkling eye makeup
Colors the eye makeup must be in harmony with color your pupils. Some deliciously sublime tones look while others are prohibited. - Your eyes are brown? Opt for colors hot: shades of chocolate, gold, amber, pearl white or purple raspberry ... Of colors hungry and warm, which will perfectly enhance your smoldering gaze. - Your eyes are green? The palette of green eyes is quite large: they align as well with warm tones (brown, gold, purple) as colder colors (gray, Blue, beige). - Your eyes are blue? To sublimate blue eyes, choose a makeup in shades of pink, a hue ideal to reveal the splendor of the blue iris. However, the gray blue, brown and golden dress also looks stylish.
The technique
- Step 1: The shadow eyelids Start by removing a clear shadow on the entire eyelid. Then apply the dark shadow in the hollow of the eye and blend the paint to the outside of the eye. To add depth to the eyes, apply just below the brow a shadow eyelids white. The thing more: To prevent the shadow eyelids not collect in fine lines, have a thin layer of foundation on the whole eyelid mobile before starting makeup. Thus the shadow remains fixed for the whole day!
- Step 2: The eye pencil along the lash Draw a pencil line being as close as possible to the edge of the lashes. Take the inner corner of the eye, and then stretch the line to the outside. For the lower eye, Hem your bottom lashes with a pencil by repeating the same method as for the eyelid higher. The hand should be light and the plot rather late to avoid the effect package. The thing more: To enlarge small eyes, a pencil prefers white rather than black on the inside of the eye.
- Step 3: The mascara Useful to intensify the gaze, mascara adds volume and lengthens lashes. Start with the upper lashes. For easier application, get your eyebrows and look down. The thing more: To doe eyes, the illusion the play for an evening by wearing false eyelashes: a glamorous touch that will give intensity and depth to your eyes!
Version glam for a look Women fatal, choose a beautiful makeup "Smoky". Just simply apply a dark shadow in shades of gray-black in the hollow of the eye, and a clear shadow color white under the brow bone. Finish up with a line of black kohl along the lashes ... Nice look of embers!
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